Photography as mastered by (C) Kuki Walsch.

“Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.”
(C) David Alan Harvey

Though I didn't know Mr. Harvey nor his photographs or his citation,
I applied it intuitively on my photographs from the very first beginning.

My holistic contemplation of nature and landscape is mainly based on the emotions their aura evokes in me.
Light, weather & wind influence and affect my personal mood and the atmosphere of my surrounding,
likewise in nature or city. My images are created in my mind before being transformed into photographs with
the means of my camera and/or a painterly digital post processing.

Rythm and dynamics, light & shadows, motion & standstill plus the interpretion of the levels behind the seen reality compose my fotowor[x].

Photography for me means transforming objective reality into my imaginary dreamworld!