About my Fotowor[x]

This website presents a selected choice of my fotowor[x] both classical and creative.

Photography is not only my passion but evocation as well.

Beside the figurative depiction of objects and the immediate snapshots of surroundings or landscapes shaped by light- and atmospheric conditions, photography for me means transforming objective reality into my imaginary dreamworld!

My contemplation of nature and landscape is this of seeing living individuals, feeling their aura and essence, their basics. Light, weather & wind influence and affect my personal mood and the atmosphere of my surrounding, likewise in nature or city. My images evolve from my mind before being transformed into photographs with the means of my camera.

Intuitively my perception is similiar to the one of the former impressionistic and/or expressionistic painters.
The selective use of intentional contingency during the composition of the view frame as well as the use of blurring are stylistic devices for interpreting my subjective perception artistically.

Beside rythm and dynamics, light & shadows, motion & standstill I do search for the levels behind the seen reality and implement my personal interpretation. I try to fetch the unconscious feelings and moods and set them painterly in stage by the use of my camera tools or digital post processing.
Plse feel free to apply your personal view points & dreams into my painterly photographs when looking at them.